• Ted Cruz OWNS Heckler August 24, 2013

    COWGER: Conservatives do not heckle. We are willing to listen to the other side. We believe in the first amendment; both sides are allowed to speak. But these are the people who claim to be tolerant and tell us to be more tolerant, yet they are the ones who heckle us, they are the ones […]

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  • Mexican Congresswoman Slams Same-Sex Marriage August 23, 2013

    COWGER: So I have an article here for you from the Huffington Post, and it is funny. I really enjoyed this one. (chuckles) It’s leaning left. It’s a socially liberal article, but I really enjoyed what’s in it. “Mexican Congresswoman rejects gay marriage, says must have sex while facing each other.” Now listen to her […]

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  • Quick Headlines Page August 22, 2013

    MILEY CYRUS GOES BANANAS IN BIG APPLE COWGER: Have any of you seen Miley Cyrus? I have an article here from TMZ, and she has completely went down the wrong road. She is dressing like a prostitute, she has gotten a pro same-sex marriage tattoo, and she looks like a cockatoo. The sad thing is that […]

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  • Words of Wisdom August 22, 2013 Full Segment
  • Cowger’s Daily Commentary: Fred August 21, 2013 Full Segment