• Cowger’s Daily Commentary: Fred August 21, 2013 Daily Commentary Full Segment
  • Cowger’s Show Prep August 21, 2013 Show Stuff

    TOP OF THE STACK Ted Cruz Heckled for Fighting Obamacare   CowgerNation The story about the “Obama Mask” controversy that The Mainsteam Media won’t report Out of the Closet and into Your Child’s Locker Room   Breitbart GALLUP: UNEMPLOYMENT RATE JUMPS FROM 7.7% TO 8.9% IN 30 DAYS HHS SPONSORS VIDEO CONTEST: MAKE AN ‘AWESOME […]

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  • Anthony Weiner At it Again August 10, 2013 Weiner

    COWGER: Apparently, Anthony Weiner was posting more vulgar messages, sending out more vulgar messages to girls who he was not married to. Yet, he is still in the race for mayor, over in New York. Well, then again, Bill Clinton didn’t quit when he ended up cheating on Hillary, then again, I think the reason […]

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  • The Huffington Post Calls Ken Crow Racist August 10, 2013 Huffington Post Live

    COWGER: We have Ken Crow currently in our call room. The Huffington Post decided to go after Mr. Crow, who is a co-founder of The Tea Party Community, they went after his speech, and they tried to make it sound like he was spewing racism. The completely took it out of context. This is not […]

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  • Joe Manchin: Round 2 on Gun Control August 7, 2013 Joe Manchin

    COWGER: [Joe Manchin] is going for round 2 of gun control. So, he just went after the NRA, attacking their organization (an organization that had supported him in the past). And I find it interesting that coming from an extremely pro-gun state, Joe Manchin is taking the opposite side [pushing for gun control]. He is […]

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  • Quick Headlines Page August 2, 2013 Transparent

    Putin Grants Amnesty to Snowden, Obama Jealous RUSH: Vladimir Putin and the Russians have just granted Edward Snowden amnesty.  Jay Carney, White House spokesman, just told the White House Press Corps that Obama is extremely disappointed.  I think Obama is just jealous, and my message to the president would be, “Be patient. The Soviets will […]

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  • Words of Wisdom August 1, 2013 8-14-13 Full Segment
  • Cowger Daily Commentary: Distribution August 1, 2013 Daily Commentary Full Segment
  • Cowger’s Show Prep January 11, 2013 Show Stuff

    TOP OF THE STACK Politico: Huma Abedin to take break from job with Hillary Clinton   CowgerNation Michelle Obama: Hispanic Kids are Fat! EXPOSED: Madeleine McAulay Liberal!? Madeleine McAulay = Jonathan Krohn Janet Napolitano Resigns! Breitbart DESPITE BENGHAZI, MCCAIN MIGHT SUPPORT HILLARY OVER PAUL IN 2016 MCCAIN: HILLARY A ‘ROCK STAR,’ FOX NEWS ‘SCHIZOPHRENIC’ AL GORE […]

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  • Possible Election Day Prediction 2012 November 1, 2012 CowgerNation

    Cowger’s possible election prediction for 2012: Romney victory.

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