Cowger ProfCaiden Cowger has become one of the main young voices in the young conservative arena. His radio ​show The Caiden Cowger Program skyrocketed to the most ​listened ​to teenage political show in the country. ​He is also a columnist on his website, and writes frequently for other publications.

According to Talkers Magazine, just 19% of people under 35 listen to talk radio. Because our program targets young Americans, 82.6% of our audience is under 35. This means stations that carry our show are given programming that can reach an age demographic that may have otherwise been unreachable. The Caiden Cowger Program is genuinely the next generation of conservative talk radio.

Cowger has founded several political organizations and news-outlets, most under his business The Cowger Nation Media Network. In 2012, he started CowgerNation, which is a news outlet that provides political information and conservative opinion on current issues concerning the nation, and co-founded Junior Factor Nation, a conservative youth organization promoting the Constitution and the founding principles. In 2013, he launched Cowger Network, which is a television news channel available via the Roku Player. In 2014, Cowger started WCNR (Cowger Nation Radio), which is a conservative talk radio station featuring some of the most talented hosts from across the country.
Cowger has been attacked by liberal commentators such as Bill Maher, Daniel Tosh (Tosh.O), The Young Turks, The Huffington Post,, and even the U.K. Daily Mail. He has been featured on Focal Point with Bryan Fischer (American Family Radio), and segments from his show have also been heard on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.


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