11 years ago, Trump was a democrat when he made lewd comments about women.

October 10, 2016

COWGER: 11 year ago, Trump was a democrat. He was still paling around with Bill Clinton, who was still the icon of the Democratic Party. Technically, it should be the Democratic Party apologizing for Trump's Remarks, not the Republicans. Trump was just trying to be a good democrat.



  • David J Spuria

    Not sure why the media industrial complex is so up in arms with the kind of stuff they usually wallow in.

  • fka_donnie_d

    Technically, you’re a schmuck

    (No) love

    A New York Jew

  • DougW659

    ‘Paling’ around? Isn’t Trump white enough? He should have to pale any further….

  • Sam Hain

    You’re a serious douchebro.

  • John Hayman

    Have you learned nothing during your many years on this Earth?

  • RonReagansGhost

    My man…..dig deeper.

  • Caligula

    For Christ sake Caiden, I thought that as you got older you’d shed that arrogant mindset of yours and would actually develop some common sense, but I see I was wrong. It’s almost as if you’re getting even more ignorant as you age. This story reports that Trump made lewd comments toward women and you are trying to blame that on the Democratic party? Did the Democratic party encourage or tell him he had to say that filth? No. Trump said those things because he is a sexist, and he believes what he says. Whether he was a Democrat or a friend of Bill Clinton is totally irrelevant, but that’s never stopped you from fabricating or exaggerating facts to insult the left. Why not focus on the fact that Trump is a flip-flopper. Dude can’t even decide which party to belong to. You think that he’s no longer tight with Bill Clinton and other key Democrats? Get real, of course he is. It’s likely he only joined the Republican party and ran on their ticket because he knew that the right is full of narrow minded clown like yourself that are blind to reality and see only what you want to see. It’s pathetic how pompous you are. Look at the header image for this article; you making that idiotic gesture as if you just exposed the democratic party as sexist because YOUR presidential nominee is a sexist pig. If you think Trump is really some God fearing patriot who will fix America, you’re even more of an idiot than I thought. Trump says whatever he can to get ahead. He’s a business man, bullshitting people is an art to them – and you’re a gullible follower. Trump will promise the Republican party whatever they want to hear, but if he makes it in office, he’ll use the position to further benefit himself and his cronies, all at our expense. Mark my words. Of course you being the mindless Republican drone that you are, you’ll defend him as he drags America through the mud.

    You need to grow up Caiden. I have never seen a more fake, insincere, closed minded bigot than you. You claim to be Christian but spew hatred and support the oppression of your fellow man. The man you support has been accused numerous times of sexually molesting women and had even said on national TV that he wanted to have sex with his daughter. You’re a hypocrite Caiden. You say one thing but support another. You are EVERYTHING you claim to be against. Of course none of this will mean anything to you because you’re too naive to even understand constructive criticism.