Women Can Do Better Than Hillary Clinton


COWGER: One thing that I am tired of hearing (and I'm hearing this time and time again), "We have to elect Hillary Clinton as the First Woman President." First was Obama, "We have to elect the first black president." Forget about her gender for a second, okay? Look at all of the scandals that she has been involved in. She has been involved in more scandals than she can count on her blood-stained hands.

You have Benghazi, the Asia Fundraising Scandal, Hillary’s Private Emails, Whitewater, Travelgate, Huma Gate, Pardongate, Foundation Favors Mysterious Files, Filegate, Hubble Trouble, Waco Tragedy, Swedish Slush Fund, Troopergate, Speech Fees, Boeing Bucks, Larry Lawrence, etc...

Women can do better than hillary

She has been involved in more scandals than Richard Nixon. It only took one take Nixon out. We have a whole bunch of these things here. Guys the thing that you have to ask yourselves, "Is this who you want to be a representative of women?" "Is this who you want to serve as an example of female leadership?" Because I'm going to be completely honest with you, and I say this as a male.

Women can do better than Hillary Clinton.